Krypton Disinfection Lighting

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Krypton™ Far UV Disinfection Lighting is the world’s first and only fully autonomous, safe and continuous disinfection solution for any known virus, bacteria or fungi in occupied spaces.


By reducing the spread of any existing or emerging infectious disease, we can effectively eradicate that disease.


  • Contact us for near term limited quantities

  • Monthly production capacity scalable to 1,000,000+ units

  • Current pricing $2,499 USD

  • Indicative cost per day per fixture to provide 99%+ COVID-19 viral load reduction at current pricing -> $2.59 USD

  • Effective options for any budget

  • Financing options now available

  • Shipping internationally since May 2020

  • Next generation models in development

Current Specifications

Modes of Operation:

  • Continuous or semi-continuous disinfection cycles throughout day

  • Up to 3 log+ (99.9%) cumulative disinfection per day

  • IEC EN 62471 and ACGIH Max 222nm UV exposure Threshold Limit Values (TLV) when used as directed

  • Hospital grade air and surface disinfection for up to 50-100 square feet of targeted surface disinfection per fixture with 8-10 ft ceilings and up to 300 square feet at lower disinfection rates

  • Multiple ceiling attachments and ease of installation for rapid deployment

  • 100-277V AC, 50/60hz, 12V DC

  • 3,000 hour lamp life (expected life 1-15 years depending on usage)

Krypton Disinfection Lighting Impact

Krypton disinfection lighting can be used within any budget to increase the safety of occupants of any environment.  Since the immune system of any occupant of a space is unknown, the goal is to reduce the viral load as much as possible. Krypton disinfection lighting is the only practical, safe and effective air AND surface disinfection method that can be used while a space is occupied (when a contamination event can occur: someone breathes, talks, coughs or sneezes or touches something).

It is unknown what amount of contamination is required to make any individual vulnerable to becoming infected with COVID-19. Krypton disinfection lighting has been proven to be able to reduce viral loads by up to or over 99.9%.  However, if human exposure risk does resemble a normal bell curve, even smaller amounts of viral load reduction in occupied environments could make a significant difference.

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